Top10 -Best Polish Dishes

We all like Top-10 lists so why not make one with Polish food. Polish dishes are numerous and becoming ever more known. So I've decided to pick ten of them - a " must-group" for anyone who wants to become familiar with Polish cuisine, food and Polish recipes.

But wait a minute - is it possible to choose just ten dishes out of dozens of hundreds and say: " Here's the top, behold!" . After all everyone has their own taste for food and might disagree. True, but it's not just taste that's important here (though it's crucial of course). In the list are dishes characteristic of Polish cooking, popular and representative of its different specialties. Each top 10 list can be questioned and discussed, and so can this one. But that's what's it all about. And there's the fun of it of course.

Here we go: Top 10 Polish recipes - they are all ranked as number 1, because it's nearly impossible to give preference to any one of these over the others.

Bigos - Bigos is one of the most famous Polish main courses, with a long history. Many consider it to be the Polish national dish, and it is believed to have been around since the late 14th century. This hunters' stew of meat and cabbage is made of sauerkraut and sweet cabbage, several kinds of meat, wild mushrooms, onions and seasoned with spices and fruit like peppercorns, apples, dried plums, juniper berries. Recipes vary widely as one would expect of a main course of such long history. Best served with bread and Polish vodka.

Pierogi - Polish dumplings, very popular in Poland and easily winning hearts of guests form abroad. Different fillings make pierogi a fascinating culinary trip. The most popular ones are " pierogi ruskie" with potato and cheese filling.

Golabki - Cabagge rolls stuffed with rice and meat. Golabki plus a mushroom or tomato sauce equals a gastronomic thrill.

Kielbasa - The most general name on this list. " Kielbasa" simply means " sausage" . As a consequence, Polish Kielbasa is a general term, which actually includes a variety of sausages made in Poland. There are a lot of kinds of Polish Kielbasa and all of them surely deserve a " team medal" . I strongly recommend 'kielbasa lisiecka', 'kielbasa krakowska' and 'kabanos'.

Zurek - Rye soup with unforgettable sour taste and smoky aroma of a well-chosen Polish biala( white) kielbasa, which is usually one of the ingredients.

Kotlet Schabowy - What pizza is for Italian cuisine, kotlet schabowy is for the Polish one. 'Kotlet schabowy' is simply a breaded pork cutlet . Easy in preparation, very tasty and popular with Poles. Served with potatoes and vegetables, cucumber salad for example.

Sznycel - Not really a schnitzel, as you might be expecting. Minced pork meat with several additional ingredients, formed in balls and fried.

Kaczka-Duck roasted with apples - Yes, poultry is important in Polish cuisine. And roasted duck, stuffed with apples is perhaps the most significant example.

Rosol - Polish broth. Probably the most popular Polish soup prepared with chicken and beef. Served with noodles and parsley.

Barszcz z uszkami - Borsch (Beetroot soup) with spices and nice small dumplings, usually stuffed with meat. A Polish classic.


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