Barbecue Polish Sausage

At your next barbecue party, pass on traditional sausages and pick up some polish sausage or kielbasa instead. You'll generally find them at the deli section of your local supermarket. The following is a surefire hit at my barbecues and even sometimes requested when I attend one.

Cooking for one or twenty-one

Polish sausages sometimes come already cut (about 6 inches) and individually packaged. These are generally good for 2 to 3 people. If you're serving other items, then each package of polish sausage can be stretched to be good for 5 to 6 people. For this recipe, the ingredients are designed for 3 of these packages or approximately an entire coil. If you're experienced in cooking portions, you'll easily be able to adjust the portions to make more or less food. If you're just starting out, I suggest cooking the dish as listed in order to get a better idea of the taste. Once you get the hang of it and the taste, you'll be able to tweak it for bigger or smaller audiences.

The Key Ingredients

3 packages of polish sausage or kielbasa
1 green bell pepper (or half green and half yellow for better presentation)
1 sweet red onion
1 bottle of Hickory Smoked Barbecue Sauce (Chipotle Barbecue for those who love
a tad more spice)

Putting it all Together

Cooking polish sausage is a snap when everything is prepared and ready to go. Start by slicing the polish sausage (sliced Julianne). Once you're done, put these aside and cut up the bell pepper. I like cutting the onion last because it still makes me cry a bit. Slice the pepper into strips about 2 inches long. For the onion, slice them up into rings if you can. However, strips are just as fine.

Now heat up a pan or wok until it's nice and hot. Sprinkle a little water to see if the pan is hot. If the water "dances", then get ready to cook. There's no need to add oil of any kind, because the polish sausage will naturally release the juices locked within. Start with the sliced up polish sausage and stir-fry them until they start turning a bit brown along the edges. You'll notice the edges curl a bit. When you see that, turn the heat down to about three-quarters and add both the sliced peppers and onions.

Continue to stir-fry for another minute or two. Next, open that bottle of barbecue sauce and pour it all in. That's right, all of it. Stir everything and gradually reduce the heat to about half. Continue to stir occasionally until the sauce begins to bubble a little. Once it does, lower the heat to almost off. Place a lid on the pan and let it simmer for about another minute. Finally, pour it all out onto a serving dish and wait for the compliments.


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Barbecue Polish Sausage
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