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Europe is a continent very rich in variety of cuisines, all as diverse as attractive. From tasty cheeses, to different kinds of sausages, or unique pasta of Italy, is a cuisine to taste each piece on a trip to the Old Continent.

In the Mediterranean, the Italian cuisine is the most prominent presence. Known mostly for the famous pasta, has other type of dishes to highlight. If you are in capital, Rome, may request a gnocchi al pomodoro (little potato dumplings with tomato sauce) and saltimbocca (veal, chicken or pork, lined or topped with prosciutto and sage), on a restaurant in the ruins of the Roman Empire.

Even in Italy, but walking a little further north, may taste, in Florence, a bistecca alla fiorentina "beefsteak florentine style" (is a T-bone or porterhouse steak, grilled over a wood or charcoal fire, and seasoned with salt and , sometimes, black pepper and olive oil) or an Adriatic fish, in a Venetian trattoria near gondolas and gondoliers.

In another country also splashed by Mediterranean sea, Spain, you could get the famous tapas (wide variety of appetizers, or snacks), accompanied by wine, sherry or a cold beer, because dinner starts a little later, around 10 pm. There you try a gazpacho (cold tomato-based soup) and a traditional roast suckling pig or paella (rice tossed with a seafood medley). This dish is to be shared with everyone who is on your table.

In England, though not known for its food, is now starting to have some of the restaurants present on the hottest restaurant scene in Europe. London chefs have been following the new trends and reinventing what was in the more traditional English cuisine.

To accompany a good meal has to be always a good wine or good beer. France and Italy have long been known for its good wine, but you can also experience the heuriger (small family-run wine estates) in Vienna, which serve only their own wine and a limited selection of food from the buffet. It's an interesting experience. As for beer, is Germany that stands out with its liter-sized mugs of beer. But the Eastern European beers have also begun to be recognized for their great quality. You can drink them in Prague or Warsaw.

When you arrive to the end of your meal, you will want a dessert for sure. The French and Italian pastries are worth highlighting, but the Austrian is also worthy of it. In Vienna, find sachertorte (chocolate cake) one of the most famous Viennese culinary specialties.

And who has not heard of the creamy and delicious gelato (super-rich ice cream) in Florence? Even in winter, it feels good to choose from dozens of different handmade flavors. But if you prefer something hotter, the churros y chocolada (fried dough strips you dip in thick hot chocolate) comes in handy after a crazy night in Madrid.

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